About Us

For the last 25 years Chris Landscaping & Basement Waterproofing Corp has developed a reputation for being the leading full service residential and commercial landscaping and Basement Waterproofing contractor in NY. We offer expert landscaping and Basement Waterproofing services at competitive pricing for our clientele 30 miles around Melville, NY.

Why Choose Us?

Chris Landscaping & Basement Waterproofing Corp is known for creating unique landscapes and expert designs to meet the highest standards. Landscaping and Basement waterproofing is our passion and each one of our landscaping experts carries the lawn maintenance art with them. That’s the reason all our jobs reflect high quality with beautiful finishes. Call now and book your free onsite consultation now.

We have a team of experts that have the knack to keep rainwater outside where it belongs. Our professionals have a lot of experience to solve and diagnose your wet basement problems quickly. If your basement is underutilized and prone to dampness, floods, and leaks we can have it waterproofed professionally. Our skills and knowledge will save you money and time.



Residential & Commercial